Extra additions for newly created PC

First time poster long time lurker on this great site!

ive decided its time to fully explore what i can add to my new system which is the first PC ive ever built from scratch and i figured you guys are the best to ask!

as of now i know a lot of things i want to add to my set up but im intrigued as to what use if any i can put my pcie x1 slot and 2 pci slots too.

my set up isnt anything amazingly serious and its doing enough for me at the moment and im just wondering if i can utilise my other ports to a better productivity.

i have the following parts....

MOBO: http://uk.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM3Plus/M5A78LMUSB3/#specifications

CPU: phenom ii x4 955 rev 3 3.2mhz ( O.C to 3.8 on stock voltage before but reverted back now)

GPU: HD 6670

RAM: 4gb Corsair Veneance

PSU: 650watt supply

case vantage diablo

so i have 1 x1 pcie slot free and 2 standard pci slots available for use.

all of my on MOBO usb additions are in use as the cases needed two and i have a card reader/usb extra on front case in floppy drive slot so i am out of extra usb header but i did find you can add more with an internal addition.

ive looked into ram coolers and fans that can be mounted onto the backplate above/below the gpu etc.

on my list of parts to get next is:

SSD 64-128gb
4gb ram to give me 8 total
1TB drive for storage

main things i do on the pc is play warcraft a bit of photoshop etc nothing huge.

so if anyone can think of anything that i could add to what i have or anything they think can make things just better in general for the life span of my PC that would be very much appreciated!

sorry for the wall of text but ive tried to list everything i can think would be relevant and useful.
( also hope ive posted correctly in the right place etc )
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  1. Upgrade your gpu. You're cpu is capable of hadling a 7850 / 7870. Those cards will be the set for your money.
  2. Yeah, I'd suggest upgrading the GPU as lchrisk mentioned. Dunno what your budget is, but a 7870 is quite cheap now (I just purchased one myself yesterday, waiting for it to arrive in a few days) and I think I'd recommend it, if you have the money for one. Otherwise, a 7850 2GB edition would also do well.

    You could get an additional case fan or two (depending on what your case and mobo can support), and you could OC again if you wanted to (and it couldn't hurt much when OC'ing the GPU either). Or go with some sort of liquid cooling, though I think air cooling should be enough for what you do have.
  3. thanks for the fast replies guys thats much appreciated!

    i built the machine on a bit of a budget and was offered the 6670 at a great price so i grabbed it but i certainly agree on the GPU upgrade in the future!

    my case has front and back fan 120mm front and i think 80-100mm back.
    the side panel has two 80mm fans with an independent on/off switch.

    essentially i have no budget i would just need to save some money for whatever part i needed.

    ive been looking at fans that attach to the back panel and ones that sit over the RAM which seem like nice additions later on

    which one of the following would be better?

    Evercool SB-F1 FOX-1 PCI slot system exhaust fan 42 CFM


    a set of brackets that allow me to mount two 80mm fans below the gpu.

    im not actually at my desktop pc until monday but once back i can get a speedfan reading for you all of my components if that helps.
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