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Recently, my graphics card has stopped working. I would like to take the opportunity to upgrade the graphics card for playing games such as WoW and Guild Wars 2. I don't have a budget as such but at the same time, don't want to be throwing money away on an old machine. Is £100 a good figure? I would love to play via my HD t.v. via HDMI if possible? I currently have a DVI monitor.

I am lead to believe that I am restricted to what card I can use due to my power output. I do not know very much about this area. Can the 'community' please suggest an appropriate upgrade?

My PC is as follows:

Any other relevant comments would be appreciated also.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Thanks for that info.

    I had a look and it is out of stock. Is the below I found on Amazon much different? I apologise for my lack of knowledge.

  2. Just found that is is approx one week until in stock. Makes sense to wait for that.
  3. The price is great : )
  4. uh, folks? Dave needs a half height, single slot card. google is your friend.
    based on the link he gave in his op plus the service site i found with 18.8MB illustrated
    pdf manual for upgrading, not to mention looking around at the various cpu/mobo & PSUs
    in shipped configs & replacement parts (9A on 12v=108w,105w-300w PSUs), Dave may
    be very limited in his upgrade options(long thin psu, not standard atx btw).

    link to service site with pdf i mentioned:

    Dave, does ur pc have an athlon 64 3500+ socket am2 single core cpu (35w) w/512k L2 cache, 1GB of pc4200 ddr2 memory and windows xp mce 2005?

    guessing you are using the integrated geforce 6150se since your 7500LE bit the dust.

    i'm sure before it died it was enough to make a non-expanded install of WoW playable
    at low settings, but i imagine you know your current igp is below the graphics require-
    ments for that game. as for guild wars 2, you would need a minimum of an athlon 64 x2
    cpu, 2GB of ram and a geforce 7800/radeon x1800 or better(or intel hd 3000, but that's
    not gonna happen, not with your budget). you can add a single expansion slot size,
    half height(half as wide) card to play WoW, but it looks awful cramped in there so even
    it you got a very low tdp card with a small heatsink(with or w/o a small noisy fan) it would
    be pretty stifled without much room to breathe and get fresh, cool air or get rid of what
    little heat it would put off. since you are willing to dive in and make changes to the inside
    of your pc, mind pulling out the power supply and letting us know how many amps(A) you
    got on that +12v rail of yours?

    honestly(if i were you), i'd be scared to put most any newer gpu in there and risk your
    whole pc going up in flames(maybe a little over the top, but it is possible).

    maybe you should save up a few hundred more pounds so you can get the parts to
    build a spartan budget build. saw a suggestion on another thread of getting of free copy
    of the latest ubuntu linux distro(desktop looks like mac os)and use WINE to run windows
    games on it. supposedly the ui is pretty easy to pick up quickly, and you could save a nice
    chunk of change avoiding the windows tax. if you give us a higher budget to work with,
    others and/or myself could help you assemble the parts you need to do what you want to
    do for a reasonable amount.

    btw, i feel your pain. I used to have x800xl, then x1650pro on my a64 3200+ 2.2ghz
    socket 754 cpu w/512 L2 cache and 1GB single channel ddr400(win xp sp2+), but since
    their fans died i am using a positively ancient geforce 2mx. actually, since my old GPUs
    performed a lot better than your old gpu, and my ancient gpu is less than half the
    performance of your igp, i have suffered a larger drop in both performance and the
    range of titles i can even attempt to play(dx9.0b/9.0c to dx7). worse still, i've been out
    of work for longer than i care to admit so am unable to rectify the problem at any time
    in the near future. here's some specs of various GPUs(yours, mine, possible upgrade
    paths for us with either current rigs or newer builds). radeons first, then geforces:

    So take heart, fellow gaming enthusiast. even though things may seem grim at the
    present time, the dawn of a new age of gaming is coming to you soon, and we regulars
    of tomshardware forum are here to help in any way we can.

    ps: to give more insight into our situations, take a look at this, the last page of tom's
    gpu buyers guide, august 2012 edition. it has a chart showing relative performance
    between geforces, radeons and intel graphics from now to 12 years or more ago.,3107-7.html

    my old radeons r low/mid on the chart, ur geforces are fairly low, while my gpu is clear
    at the bottom of the list next to tnt(predates geforces), rage(predates radeons, and
    the oldest intel graphics known to man. (i'm going to go cry into my lunch now...)
  5. Hi jtenorj

    Thanks for the in depth reply. I am using the integrated graphics at the moment and also feel like crying! :p

    As for the technical questions you have asked I will have a look when I get chance. I like the idea of building my own PC and appreciate the offer. Perhaps it is time for me to 'bite the bullet' and upgrade the whole system. As I mentioned earlier, I don't want to throw my money away or even burn it as might be the case!!!

    Good luck with finding a job so you can get some upgrades. It is a catch-22 though, as work takes up time when you could be gaming...
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