Need advice on setting up my home network for optimum performance

I currently have the standard big bulky ATT U-verse modem/router, not sure of the model number right now

I also have a standard Vonage box

and I have a NAS Iomega Home Media Cloud Edition

Then I have a Laptop, Wii, Netbook, and a couple of wifi smart phones

What I currently have setup is the laptop and wii are wifi, the vonage and NAS are connected to the main ATT router/modem

Unfortunately the att router is only a max of 10/100 and I would have liked 10/1000, also its only wireless b/g and I would have liked wireless n and I need to be able to access my nas from inside and outside my network as well as forwarding several ports to it for the cloud connections and other features it supports

What I am inquiring is, what are my options to set up my network so that it has faster speed, my nas can stream stuff to my computers and my wii etc without any issues and get the best quality connection and speed between each device and the internet

Is there another modem/router I can use with uverse? or do I have to set theirs to turn off wifi and firewall etc and put a better router behind it in the DMZ

If so, how would I go about setting it up, I have some knowledge and experience and understand technical stuff, but never seem to get things connected right and have the correct settings for it to all work right when it comes to networking stuff

Thanks in advance for any advice I can get
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  1. if you have access to the U-verse box, do the port forwarding for your NAS and disable the WIFI.

    then connect the router of your choice and configure it as an AP (Access Point) using these steps:

    go Start then Run in XP - (Windows key plus R in Vista and Windows 7), then type in the following, including all the spaces:- cmd /k ipconfig /all -- then press Enter and from the black form that shows up, take a note of the numeric code beside the word "gateway" -- usually something like Type exit to close the black form.

    connect only a computer to the router you are trying to convert to a AP and log in

    set up the wireless security

    disable DHCP and change the LAN IP to match your Gateway's IP but ending in .253

    now connect one of the four LAN port to the main router via network cable.
  2. so I just connect it lan port to lan port for the ap to the main att router
  3. anyone offer up a good low to mid priced wireless N router with a fast gigabit Ethernet etc good for gaming and video streaming around my network
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