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For the second time, my monitor no longer displays the color red. The first time it happened, and after trying various video tweaks, I replaced the monitor and the problem was gone. Now that it has happened again, I don’t know what to think. Is it possible that there could be something wrong with my computer/gpu that causes monitors to no longer be capable of displaying red? In other words, breaks or burns out the monitor itself? Or is this most likely a software or driver issue? It is an old computer running WinXP Pro. Not sure of the specs at the moment.

Thanks for any suggestions
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    How is your monitor connected? Sometimes reseating the monitor connection will fix this. Does the monitor work on a different computer?
  2. It uses the old VGA connector. Probably the only one it has. I will try your suggestion re: reseating as well as try it on a different puter. I should have done that originally. It actually is my sis-in-law's. thanks for the suggestions
  3. Check for bent pin in the VGA connector.
  4. It's possible the VGA connector has a bent pin in the connector, or a broken wire inside the cable. Replacing the cable will almost certainly fix the issue for you.

    If you simply move the cable around while the computer is running. If you can find certain positions where it's working correctly and others where it is dropping the red signal, that will confirm you've got a broken wire inside.
  5. It may look like this...

  6. Doh! What's the first thing one checks in these situations? The connections! thanks guys. I should have asked here first. then my sis-in-law wouldn't have ended up with an extra monitor.
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