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I have an old Q6600 PC with 4GB of RAM that does a decent job of satisfying my requirements for office computing (i.e. my day job). When the time comes for gaming though, it doesn't anymore, BF3 was the last straw (it works, but not well enough even with the details down). Because I'm too lazy to re-install a new PC, I figured I was going to wait another year but add in two newcomponents: an SSD drive, and a new GPU.

I know I won't get the most out of my setup, but hopefully I might get just enough out of it to delay the purchase of a new Mobo and CPU. Price is not as much an issue as the complete re-installation of an OS and associated programs...And I want to wait and see whether I decidd to give this new PC gets Windows 7 or Windows 8.

My question is: Can I put a GTX670 (PCIe 3.0) into a Mobo that only has one PCIe 2.0 slot? (P7N SLI Platinum Mobo)? I sort of lost touch with that is backwards compatible with what now, given that I only get my head out of my butt every 3-4 years or so to renew my computer.
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  1. PCIE 3.x is backwards compatible with PCIE 2.x, so yes it will work.
  2. Have you done any OC to your Q6600? because @ 3.0GHz and more the Q6600 should perform well.
  3. Thanks ish416. No I haven't OC it, but since this is my work PC I tend to shy away from pushing it too far (I want to keep it reliable) and in the end the CPU isn't that much of a drag on things the way I see it, although I haven't made sure. It's just gut feeling at this point.
  4. Thanks odiervr. I am going for a Crucial m4 512MB, this way I can simply transfer my 3.5 drive over as it has less than that amount of data on it.
  5. 1. Yes, backward compatible on pcie
    2. SSD: Intel 330, Crucial M4, or Samsung 830 (no lower than 120 GB)

    link to GPU benchmark and costs below.

    GL !!
  6. Well what card do you have in there now?
  7. I have an HD4850 I believe....
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