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I have a 6+ Year old Dell UltraSharp 2007FP 20-inch Flat Panel Monitor ( (Its not worth $400+ anymore like it says on the dell website) and am wondering if i lose some of the performance some newer componants have. If so is it CPU performance or graphics card. I understand the reponse time is not good but i am wondering about the actual card cpu or performance itself (does it use it full potential).

Also do I lose any quality. Do the images look as good as they can with a 1600X1200 (Native) monitor ? If so is it a lot or small.

If so what would be recommended and why.

Also, does native mean or do anything.

Thanks a lot peeps.
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  1. The monitor doesn't really affect performance itself(maybe viewing quality). The native resolution is the resolution it was designed and built to support. using other resolutions is allowed, but may affect the picture quality due to scaling. The thing that affects the performance is the resolution you are using. The higher the resolution, the more pixels the graphics card has to update each refresh cycle, and the more data the system has to crunch.
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