Nothing happens at all when I try to boot

This is my first build and nothing happens when I short the power pins, no fans, no leds, not even the slightest noise or movement from anything.

I made sure the all the connections were secure and my ram and VGA were seated properly.

Here's my build:
-i7 3770k 3.5Ghz
-Geforce GTX 690x 4GB video card
-Corsair vengeance 2x8 GB RAM DDR3
-ASUS Xonar STX PCIe sound card
-Windows 7 home premium
-Crucial m4 512 GB SSD x2
-seasonic x650
-asus sabertooth z77

I only have the motherboard, cpu, ram, gpu, and psu put together just for the test boot.

One thing that concerns me was the metallic brushing noise coming from the cpu socket when i put the cpu in, is this normal? I made sure to use zero insertion force and not to touch the pins. i'm also fairly sure i put it in the right way.

I also work in a carpeted area and forget to discharge static of myself at times when building, would a few static shocks to the board really do any permanent damage?

It would really suck if i messed up my mobo :(
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  1. As long as you lined the cpu up correctly. Also, yes a few static shocks could completely destroy a motherboard. But before you jump to conclusions. How are you turning on the pc? Are you shorting the power connector with a screw driver?
  2. Oh wow i forgot a 10 pin mobo connector. Motherboard turned on and beeped successively on retest.
  3. Haha. Glad it works.
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