Can i handle an ATI HD6870

can this psu handle an ATI HD6870 ?
my system :
RAM : (2) 2 GB DDR2 800 kingston
HD : WDC WD5000AACS-00G8B1
MB : K9A2GM\K9A2VM (MS-7501)

planning on upgrading everything a step by step because i don't have enough money right now

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  1. I wouldn't exactly recommend running it on that. My buddy runs it on a Corsair CX500, but that is actually a good power supply. The card requires 2 6-pin connectors. I don't feel that your power supply has the proper amperage to support the 6870.

    If you want to do step by step, go for the power supply first, then you wont have to worry.
  2. Theoretically you are getting 30A on the +12v rails but that PSU looks suspect and probably doesn't deliver that kind of constant power to the rails, I personally wouldn't try. I would first thing upgrade your PSU as its the only component that can survive 2-3 upgrades and is the most fundamental part of a setup. A good PSU sets you for a long time.
  3. thank you for your reply guys, i appreciate it
    - if i'm getting 30A on the +12v rails, will that be enough ? what do i do to know it really does what it says ?
    - what about ATI HD6850 , is there a big difference compared to the 6870 ?
  4. Not a huge difference, but the 6870 is more powerful. Maybe 1.25x more powerful.
  5. HD 6850 vs HD 6870 is maybe 5% overall difference.
  6. so that psu can handle the HD6850 ?
    if so ,will i also need to change the psu when i change the processor ?
  7. You can overclock the 6850 to come pretty close to the 6870 and you will need only one pci power connector vs 2 for the 6870
  8. Do not use that PSU under any circumstances for a system with any form of GPU requiring external power connections
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