Cant Install Nvidia Geforce Gtx 550ti


I recently bought the above graphics card from best buy since my old computer couldn't play diablo 3 or guild wars 2. My pc's specs are:

hp pavillion a6530f pc

AMD phenom x3 8450 triple-core processor
4096mb system memory
640GB Hard Drive
Nvidia Geforce 6150 SE Graphics card
Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit

I've tried to look it up online on plenty of google searches and some forum posts. The "main" issue seems to be the old/terrible graphics card that came with the pc and how its "built in" to either the motherboard or cpu or something. I've had some replies in other forums about disabling the bios but am unsure of what I am doing. It maybe something as simple as needing a better power supply too but its so compact in there not sure if it would fit or not.
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  1. For a second I tought your card might be an AGP card, but since it was to obvious and to silly to think that I made a little research , apparently your 6150se should be an integrated ship:

    If that's so I think you should disable your on board graphics from the bios so the 550ti can be activated. Good luck
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