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Weird buy or not?

I found this on newegg although I am not sure of its specs, how good it is. Anyone care to offer any ideas?

Trying to pick something up today.
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  1. What monitor resolution do you have, what do you mostly do on your computer, and what graphics settings are you looking for? What you got selected is one of the strongest graphics cards out there.
  2. It's not a weird buy at all, just the opposite- it's the fastest single-GPU card AMD can offer at the moment. What are the rest of your specs?
  3. Core i5 2500k
    128gb ssd Crucial M4
    1Tb HD
    8Gb ram 1600
    Used to have 560Ti

    Resolution is 1920x1080p and I mostly play games, watch videos, web development, java, more games.

    I liked the 560Ti but I wanted something newer and better. I like max details but doesn't have to be with all AA,SA, turned on or whatever. As long as it looks great and plays smooth :)
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    It's a good card, fast, quiet and cooler than stock.
    Just a couple of points:
    It' very long (a little over 12") make sure it'll fit the case.
    It'll draw a fair bit of power, so either make sure your PSU is up to the job or post its exact make and model and we'll offer opinions on the subject.
    The cooler dumps most of the heat produced into the case, so a good ventilation and a nice roomy enclosure would be beneficial.
    I WANT ONE! But ca n't affird it...sob...:(
  5. I have a corsair 750w Enthusiast PSU. Bronze certified I believe. I am going to be purchasing the NZXT phantom 410 case too. Current case is a roswill Challenger so it will not fit in there for sure.

    People were telling me just go with Saphire Vapor X Ghz edition. Only reason I considered a 7970 over original 670 FTW was due to this price I found. So it should be a nice one?
  6. OK, that's those possble problems give a good seeing off, then.
    Check the feeback, though, the 'Eggs people are not partcularly happy with that card.
    If you're not into overclocking this might be a better solution:

    And I think it'll even fit your current case (11" long).
  7. I won't mind overclocking. I'm just hoping it is not a Dud card since I read some HIS reviews like here:

    and it seems to be good. Just not sure if they are comparing the same model.
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  9. Well I did it, ordered that combo today. Phantom 410 Black and Orange Case and the HIS IceQ X2 7970.
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