ATI 7850 Saphire OC - Artifacts/Texture issue only in Guild Wars 2


I have been the happy owner of a HD 7850 Saphire Factory OC (I have not OC'ed this any further myself) for about 3 months now, and it has ran flawlessly for that time.

I do not play many games and I started using CCC 12.4 and everything was fine while playing Starcraft II, Guild Wars 1 and Diablo 3, then I upgraded to CCC 12.6 no issues, and 5 days ago just before Guild Wars 25 August Head Start I upgraded to CCC 12.8 again no issues in Starcraft II, Guild Wars 1 and Diablo 3, no issues in 3D Mark 11 and getting the expected score for my system P5897.

Complete build:

HD 7850 Saphire OC (Default OC) currently running 12.8 WHQL drivers, CCC has everything at default.
i5 2500 K (Not OC, just turbo enabled to 3.7Ghz)
16 GB Ram Corsair at 1333 Mhz (Did not want to activate XPS because really what's the point in faster ram?, I think it is already very fast at 1333)
7200 RPM Hard Drive 6GB/s
ASUS Maximus iV Gene-z/Gen 3 motherboard
Windows 7 Professinal 64 Bit

I have not played Guild Wars with any other drivers than 12.8, so today I will try to rollback to 12.4 and see if that fixes anything. But here is what is happening:

Capturing this picture using screenshot was impossible, the flashing light blueish artifacts are extremely fast, in fact I played for 5 hours straight on release date, and only at times did I feel like I saw something wrong in the screen, but though it was me blinking or something...

The second day while in Divinity's reach I saw some obvious ones just standing still, but they also happen if I am moving. They last maybe 1/10 of a second if even. So what I did is take a video and then got the frame where it happens.

On the picture you can see a really big artifact on the top right corner, and several small ones on the left side. I am running absolutely everything on Maxed and GPU-Z gives me a steady temp of 58-60 C, with a load between 60-95%, and the core clock and memory clock running at maximum frequencies pretty much at all times. which is 1250/920 for this card at the default Saphire factory OC

Besides the artifacting i also found texture flickering like in this picture, this one happens a lot more often and random rectangle textures get illuminated:

In the screenshot the top row the item on the right is illuminated for no reason, same with the last row middle item.

I am not sure what is going on, since this artifacting/texture only happens in Guild Wars 2. What could the problem be?, anyone else experiencing this issues in Guild Wars 2?, I have seen some artifacting/texture videos in Guild Wars 2 but those are a LOT worst than mine. The artifacting happens rarely and is very very fast.

I tried lowering the graphics setting for Guild Wars 2 but still seeing the same issues.

Any suggestion, ways to identify the problem are more than welcome.

Thank you,

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  1. Just saw some small 1cm white squares flash extremely fast on Diablo 3 auction house menu, never seen this before... So I definitelly think it might be a deiver issue now, didnt have this problems before 12.8 whql... Will rollback now.

    I saw a thread in guru 3d about 12.8 whql some people have the same artifacting while others seem to be fine... I think the artifacting is just too subtle/fast to notice at first, in fact I played for several hours Diablo 3 in 12.8 and I just noticed it yesterday...

    Bottom line I think 12.8 is defective.
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