Dual Monitor Question with my Graphics Card

I'm getting ready to assemble my new PC and I have a XFX R7850 Double D graphics card that is going to go into it and my question is this:

My graphics card supports both HDMI and DVI, my new 24" Flat Screen monitor is HDMI, but my older 22" Flat Screen Monitor is DVI, I have connections for both on my graphics card (DVI on one row and HDMI on the next), but was wondering if I could run both of them together on that card without causing any problems? Is it OK to run two different sized monitors together when one is DVI and the other is HDMI? Anything special I have to do to get both working together on the same graphics card or should I just plug them in and let Win 7 take care of it?

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  1. If your 22" older monitor is able to run at 1920x1080 (Or whatever resolution your newer one will run on) then there won't be any problem. If it doesn't, you'll have to run your new computer on the resolution that the older one supports.
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