Having a horrific time building my first pc :( plz help!!

Ok so im using my phone since this computer isnt working so bare with me. Also im not very knowledgable in my opinion when it came time to wire everything up so im expecting to run into some problems.

My first issue is,the first time i booted up my pc,it turned on and i got into the bios. However it did not detect my SSD so i shut it off. Unplugged the power,and made sure my SSD was plugged in. Then when i went to boot it up,it turns on but i only get a blackscreen!!! when my computer first boots I see like 5 different (error?) Codes flash on my asrock z77 extreme 4. My CPU is a i5 3470 and gpu is a evga gtx 670

pleaseee help me.i refuse to go to sleep or even work tomorrow if i dont lol :(
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  1. Hey again. Will be home shortly, I'll follow up with you then. I thought you were doing the build on Friday?
  2. Hey :) I was going to but I couldn't wait any longer lol ^^
  3. Does it still work without your SSD?
  4. Does what work? The pc turns on if thats what u mean.

    But no picture from monitor unlike the first time I fired it up
  5. Make sure you plugged everything correctly and maybe run it with just the motherboard and the RAM and the CPU.
  6. So does that mean just take off the graphics card?
  7. And the HDD and everything else you might have yes.
  8. Ok I took those off. Now it's working again. Now what?
  9. Check your private messages!
  10. I attached just the SSD and it's actually in my BIOS now :)

    should I try putting the video card back in? Or just straight try to install my os?
  11. You can put the video card in at any time, I suggest installing the os.

    That way you can prepare better, and/or use your new computer's Internet rather than your phone.
  12. I decided to put in the Going again and now I have no video again... but the very first time i turned it on,it worked...this makes no sense to me lol. Do i have to be plugged into the dvi/hdmi ports in the graphics card? ive been plugged into the motherboard the whole time.
  13. Got it lol. Just had to be plugged directly into the video card. Thank God my gpu came with a VGA to dvi adapter. Loading the os now onto my SSD
  14. Welcome to the builders club!.....we've all gone through this at some time - but it is fun learning. You got the basis of a nice system there (670 should kick some butt).
  15. Welcome to the club, like mesab66 I think everyone single one of us had one of those "Ahh $@*^" moments like this. So here is some short but helpful advice I learned over the years.

    If the problem seems complicated the answer is simple. Another words check for the stupid stuff like cables connected, etc even if your 110% it's right.

    If you can't figure out what the problem is, find out what it's not. So lets say it's trouble getting a system to turn on, rip out every part except 1 stick of ram and cpu and slowly start adding things so you can eliminate what it's not.

    Don't let your family or friends know your a computer geek unless they are too. You will never get rid of them as you are now free tech support. Sounds jaded but after spending over an hour of telling someone how to Copy & Paste and various calls like that you get here too.

    If you do end up being tech support and building or setting up said PC for family. Follow one simple approach make it stupid proof as much as possible. Automate virus scans, defrags, updates, etc so they mess with it as little as possible. Which means less chance of them braking it.

    Oh strange advice on this one but I am sure most of us did this at some point (though I probably had it worse than most). Don't buy cheap cases it's easy to cut yourself on it. I bled all over my motherboard and am surprised I didn't need stitches, and I swear they used some type of chemical bath on that case and didn't clean it properly or something as it burned. And cleaning that motherboard/GPU/etc is not fun, plus you can fry parts that way. So pay the extra $10 on something with rounded edges and good build quality.
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