TW-533-4 Serial R-232 Pinouts(IDC10 format)

Anyone have experience with Titan TW-533-4 AP/Router Boards? I bought a few of them but can't get detail level technical support from Titan to support accessing the Redboot loader via a miniature IDC10 (RS-232) port on the board. It has a funky pinout configuration and I can't determine the RTS/CTS/DSR/DTR correctly. It also requires a null modem cable which I have in line. I know what the RD/TD are (4 & 6) and the common ground (8). It appears pin 3 or 5 is the CTS but I can't isolate the difference between the DSR & RTS pins. This IDC10 Header Socket is reversed with pin 9 blank rather than the usual pin 10 blank. Pin 10 has a constant +5v on it so it may be the DTR pin. These are great boards for mesh environments or so the technical specs would lead one to believe. They support a mix of a/b/g mini pci cards (up to 4 of them concurrently) and I am going to try and use DD-WRT/Open WRT/ or Wilibox on them if I can ever get into and break into Redboot> Any experiential information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Hank
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  1. This the standard PIN out for a Null modem connection

    Pin 1 - Carrier Detect (CD)
    Pin 2 - Receive Data (RD)
    Pin 3 - Transmit Data (TD)
    Pin 4 - Data Terminal Ready (DTR)
    Pin 5 - Ground
    Pin 6 - Data Set Ready (DSR)
    Pin 7 - Ready To Send (RTS)
    Pin 8 - Clear To Send (CTS)
    Pin 9 - Ring Indicator (RI)

    and this the standard for you type of connection
  2. That wasn't the question. The question was regarding the pinouts on the header socket on the board which are in IDC10 miniature format. They are proprietary not the standard RS-232 pinouts. Your response had nothing to do with the question.
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