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TW-533-4 Serial R-232 Pinouts(IDC10 format)

Last response: in Networking
October 15, 2011 8:20:35 AM

Anyone have experience with Titan TW-533-4 AP/Router Boards? I bought a few of them but can't get detail level technical support from Titan to support accessing the Redboot loader via a miniature IDC10 (RS-232) port on the board. It has a funky pinout configuration and I can't determine the RTS/CTS/DSR/DTR correctly. It also requires a null modem cable which I have in line. I know what the RD/TD are (4 & 6) and the common ground (8). It appears pin 3 or 5 is the CTS but I can't isolate the difference between the DSR & RTS pins. This IDC10 Header Socket is reversed with pin 9 blank rather than the usual pin 10 blank. Pin 10 has a constant +5v on it so it may be the DTR pin. These are great boards for mesh environments or so the technical specs would lead one to believe. They support a mix of a/b/g mini pci cards (up to 4 of them concurrently) and I am going to try and use DD-WRT/Open WRT/ or Wilibox on them if I can ever get into and break into Redboot> Any experiential information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Hank
October 15, 2011 1:33:33 PM

This the standard PIN out for a Null modem connection

Pin 1 - Carrier Detect (CD)
Pin 2 - Receive Data (RD)
Pin 3 - Transmit Data (TD)
Pin 4 - Data Terminal Ready (DTR)
Pin 5 - Ground
Pin 6 - Data Set Ready (DSR)
Pin 7 - Ready To Send (RTS)
Pin 8 - Clear To Send (CTS)
Pin 9 - Ring Indicator (RI)

and this the standard for you type of connection
October 19, 2011 7:19:31 PM

That wasn't the question. The question was regarding the pinouts on the header socket on the board which are in IDC10 miniature format. They are proprietary not the standard RS-232 pinouts. Your response had nothing to do with the question.