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AMD FX-6300 or Phenom X6 1045T

Hey guys,
I am looking to buy a new cu at the moment as a upgrade from my sempron 145. I am not considering the price at the moment as the x6 is only 5 dollars cheaper where I live. I will be using a corsair h60 to cool the cpu. I really want to oc the cpu that i get as high as possible. My motherboard is the asrock990fx extreme4 that uses an 8+2 power phase and hopefully I can push the one I get as high as I can. I am using a corsair gs 700 and a hd 6850. Any input highly appreciated. Asap if possible as I am going tomorrow to buy one of these
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    Better go with fx 6300 as it is newer tech than x6 though they mostly perform same but fx 6300 consumes less power + better at overclocking.go with fx 6300. See here-
  2. +1 for the FX-6300 :)
  3. Well leaning to the fx 6300 now, but how much do you guys think I can get it up to using the corsair h60
  4. May be at 4.5ghz to 4.7ghz
  5. yes the 6300 is better can overclock farther, piledriver finally beats out the phenom series and the 6300 beats or similar to the 1100t. The H60 should easily get to around 4.5 Ghz, to with the 1045t ud be limited by the cpu than the temps being produced as its locked my locked x6 got to 3.7 with auto motherboard oc so could prob reach maybe 3.9-4.0ghz, but 4.0 is usually the x6 limit
  6. One last thing, if i am able to get it to around 4.1, can i turbo it even higher
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  8. Isnt recommended to use the turbo after an oc as it may be unstable, or raise temps but if u want sure go ahead and attempt lol it should break ur cpu unless it just fries but most boards have an auto shutdown or wont load with a failed oc
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