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Hi guys,

I just installed a new 7750 into a slightly old core i3-2100 computer.
I installed the amd drivers.
Uninstalled the intel drivers.
put the card in.
And when I booted and went into the bios, I don't have options to get into the video.
Is that normal? It is different from the bios I am used to (was on Vista on my old machine and only inherited this from my parents)

My monitor doesn't work with it attached to the graphics card.
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  1. Simpler question:
    Where can I find in my bios the place that lets you choose which graphics card driver you want active?
    Under Advanced I am assuming?
  2. i3-2100 isn't old :).

    What do you mean you don't have options to get into the video? You don't see anything on the screen?

    Did you connect the monitor to the graphics card or the motherboard?
  3. When using the integrated vga bios, I don't see an option to change the drivers for video. I was wondering maybe I am not in the right menu?

    The bios part I do see has very few options like changing the computer time and activating hyperthreading and stuff like that. Nothing about video cards.
  4. You don't need to change anything there.

    Turn off the computer, insert the card inside the PC, plug the monitor to the new card, turn on the PC. That's it :).
  5. When I did what Sunius says, nothing comes up on the monitor.

    Also, it might be ebcause my drivers aren't installing. When I try to install the driver, I get a warning that says successful. Afterwards, I don't see it in device manager either.
  6. Oh, just did an amd catalyst auto detect and the graphics card isn't even showing up.

    Do you guys think I got a dead graphics card maybe?
  7. Yes it might be. It's the most likely the case. You don't need drivers to see anything on the screen. Especially BIOS and POST.

    I'd try the card in another PC before returning it to wherever you bought it from.
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