Black screen Crash HELP

Hello,my rig is this
Ati radeon 5870 1gb,Intel 2600k 3.4ghz,2x4 gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3,Z68x-UD4-B3
So,as i was saying(i got that crash while writing this) i have a probelm since i built it(it is not software related as i have formated my hd once)
at random times(playing,serfing,booting) the screen may go black and i will hear all the fans running at maximum.
This problem can be solved after i restart(power off-on) or after several restarts(as it iwill apear of the restart so i have to restart again)
sometimes i will hear a continuos beeep signaling Gpu failure.
So my question is : is it gpu ,psu or ram?
this probelm may have been fixed(don't know for sure,maybe coincidence) by medling with the cables in the case-or pushing in the slot the gpu or the ram:/
Any ideas?
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  1. edit:my PSu is thermaltake toughtpower 750W 5+yrs old
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