Is my Hardware at decent/average temps?

my system specs are as follows:

-Processor: i7-2600k sandy bridge

-Motherboard: sabertooth z77 asus

-Graphics: nvidia gtx 670 ftw

-Memory: corsair vengeance 16gb

-Case: cooler master HAF full atx tower case

-Optical Drive: asus drw dvd burner drive

Powersupply: Corsair series HX 750W 80 plus gold

Hard Drive: Western digital WD BLACK 1tb 7200rpm

in short news, the build is working amazing. playing all the games i currently own: swtor, wow, aion, avp, diablo3, tribes ascend, dragon age origins, steam, left for dead 2. all on high graphics settings looking wonderful. but here are some worries...

i currently downloaded speedfan to check my systems temps on hardware and such, and when i play swtor my video card can go up to 60 or 70 at times. and when swtor is running a little flame next to the hardware temp is on, and that happens with a few things.

to the touch the back of my computer where my video card sits, it gets pretty warm. not so hot that you cant touch it, but warm. enough warm to concern this is my first computer build, and the normal temp for the whole computer seems to not exceed 60 when i play any games. but the speedfan showing the flames and such, and my graphics card being warm from the back, is that normal?

if need anymore information i can post temp specs on here.
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  1. heres temps on my computer running with only internet explorer and a few taskbar stuff.

    gpu: 45c
    cpu: 1c
    hd0: 30c
    temp1: 28c
    temp2: 30c
    core0: 34c
    core1: 39c
    core2: 37c

    here they are while running swtor, please let me know if this looks normal for temps to be running at:

    gpu: 65c
    system: 26c
    cpu: 1c
    hd0: 30c
    temp1: 28c
    temp2: 30c
    core0: 41c
    core1: 46c
    core2: 46c
  2. you're fine. the gpu will throttle only at about 95+. Similar for CPUs.

    I would not recommend running 80+ all the time (unless severely overclocked), which you aren't. Only if you severely overclock will you see temps rise a lot, but when you are doing that you can look into better cooling solutions (ie liquid or custom air)
  3. thank-you.
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