New Build, VGA works but not DVI

I've just completed my first ever build everything went smooth as soon as I plugged it into the DVI port I got to the bios and everything but when I was changing my boot order I started to see green lines and flashing all over the screen. I immediately restarting thinking it was something else however it gave me no signal. I use a DVI-D Single link cable however the port on my Monitor and Graphics card are both dual link also tried it with both Motherboard and GPU but none of them work. The funny thing is that VGA work on both my motherboard and Graphics card however I need the VGA slot for another monitor. I've ordered a new cable so it should be arriving in 2 days. My system specs:

i5 3570K
Asus P8Z77-V
Gigabyte GTX 670
ViewSonic VX2336S 23" IPS Monitor

The port on my monitor and graphics card are:

However the cable uses

Is it an issue? Thanks in advanced.
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  1. I'd contact the warranty. Your graphics card is faulty. Cable would not be causing that, unless it was a VGA cable. Digital cables either works, or not. Remember, 0s and 1s can get only two values :D
  2. Just got my graphics card today however it doesn't work on both my motherboards DVI port and my graphics card port. One of them should atleast be working.
  3. Okay it might be bad monitor then. So you cannot see anything using DVI cable? What about those green lines?
  4. Sunius said:
    Okay it might be bad monitor then. So you cannot see anything using DVI cable? What about those green lines?

    Now I can't see anything. The VGA works perfectly fine but the DVI outputs nothing. It's either the monitor or the cable when it was working it was perfectly working but then it suddenly got green lines and flashed like the sort of flash when you reboot. Then nothing just said no signal. When I change to DVI from my monitor nothing. Now I've just gotta hope that the dual link cable should work. I heard that it's only used for resolutions higher than 1080p
  5. I believe it's the cable. The first cable u described is a single link cable. The cable your monitor and graphics card are showing requires a dual link cable.

    "All modes that require more than 24 bits per pixel, and/or 165 MHz pixel clock frequency must use dual-link mode"

    Try the dual-link cable and i bet the issue is resolved ;). Should be as simple as taking it to best buy and having them plug it in. Quick and easy solutions first. Then worry about replacing parts/monitor if that doesn't help.
  6. It's used for 3D @ 1080p as well.

    When you tried motherboard output, did you pull your GTX 670 out of the PC? Because if you didn't, motherboard turns those outputs off if it detects a discrete card inside the PC.
  7. Yup took it out of the machine even used Virtu MVP right now to use iGPU and made it forced to use iGPU but nothing works. The stupid thing is the DVI cable come with my monitor so technically it should work out the box right?
  8. Yes, it should. Sound like it's either the cable or the monitor...
  9. Ok thanks alot for the fast replies, I'll wait for 2 days and see if the cable changed anything or makes it work. If it doesn't then I'll have to return it.
  10. Make sure to let us know of your results!
  11. Sunius said:
    Make sure to let us know of your results!

    +1 actually pretty interested to know.
  12. Yup seems like it was a dodgy cable. Works perfectly now thanks guys :D.
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