FX 6300 vs I3 2120?

AMD FX-6300 vs I3 2120? (Or another one in the 130$ or under range)
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  1. Go with fx 6300 as it is way faster than i3.in future fx 6300 will really come in using in gaming due to good multithreated performance.fx 6300 is best under that range + you can upgrade to stream roller cpu in future while intel's lga is end
  2. I agree, go with the FX

    IMO since the new game console will use amd apu with those "module core", i think the game that being ported from it will benefit this "module core"........

    anyways that just a feeling.... :D
  3. FX hands down. Its simply really good value for the money :)
  4. Honestly, both are very good! I don't think you'll be unhappy with either. The INtel has faster cores, but the AMD has 6 cores. The end result is that single/dual threaded tasks favor the intel and multi-threaded tasks favor the AMD.
  5. I am a big i3-2xxx fan, but the FX-6300 is probably a better processor for gaming... and definitely better for heavily multi-threaded applications.
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