Ssd based netbook for under 300 dollars?

Hello, I have been traveling a lot lately, and have found myself not wishing to lug my large inconvenient, short-lived, laptop around with me. Unfortunately assignments are a necessity and need to be typed. Thus, is there a decent SSD based netbook for about 300 dollars? Would it be possible to build one myself, or is there one available for purchase.I would prefer it to be less than 13 inches preferebly around 10 to 11, have several hours battery 4-5 min. Decent resolution. 40 gig SSD min, 4 gig ram, be able to operate with no internet. I would like Ethernet and a lightweight is but are not absolute. Is what I am asking impossible for around 300 dollar US

I heard that only the new atom can handle 4 gigabytes of ram is this true?

Please tell me if this is the wrong thread.
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  1. For a starter:

    Sub 400 bucks is going to have a HDD, not a SSD. so have to use HDD until you buy a SSD to swap out.

    SSD. DO not recommend 40 gig for OS + programs. Min recommended size is the 64 gig, My min recommned is 80+ gigs. REMEMBER you do not have a 2nd drive bay for a storage drive so You will probably need a large capacity Thumdrive (ie 32/64 gig) or a external HDD to augment a SMall SSD.

    Most netbooks come with 1 or 2 gigs standard for Ram, only saw two on Newegg with 4 gigs, But then ram is prety cheap to upgrade.
  2. SSD prices are way down. A good 128GB SSD is around $100, less on a good sale.

    Netbooks are a different problem. You will have trouble finding one for $200-$250. I have an AMD E450 based laptop/netbook, payed $350 for it and the CPU is slow enough to be irritating. Make sure you can live with the performance of an Atom based system -- it will be slower than the E450. Aside: I stuck a samsung 830 240gb in my netbook. It took removing almost 30 screws to install + keyboard, wireless antenna and back plate etc. to install. My daughter's similar thinkpad had a one screw HDD install. Check before you buy to see how to upgrade memory and disk unless you are comfortable removing keyboards, back plates etc.
  3. get an acer aspire one netbook with the larger screen. Buy an SSD and mirror the drive to the SSD. install and enjoy.
  4. Get a good job at dell and get a ultra book FREE!!!!!
  5. The main purpose of this build is to be portable and cheap. I really don't care about performance so long as it does not lag near as much as my raspberry pi trying to run a word processor or the old original Asus Eee PCs on 7. I am wondering about two possible paths. Purchasing an older generation netbook with two gig ram max getting a cheap SSD, converting it to a low resource linux based is and calling it good. Or I could search for a newer model a leave it running 7 with SSD and 4 gig ram. Here are the two main concer swith the trains of thought l listed here. Would a 2 gig linux system be adequate, or would I need to stick with the included windows. Also I believe the second option would easily exceed 400 dollars wich defeats the purpose of a cheap netbook causing me to wonder if I would be okay with a 13 inch laptop. Sorry for the late response I have been at conference all day and only have a smartphone. Thank you for all the answers except for working for Dell...
  6. "... I really don't care about performance..."

    Then skip the SSD and get an AMD Fusion powered netbook like this one for $150. (refurb by manufacturer) Acer Aspire One AO722-0873 AMD C-60 1GHz 2GB 250GB 11.6"
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