Screen Glitches - ATI Radeon 7970

I don't really know how best to describe my issue other than that the screen glitches, horizontal stripes often appear every few minutes when just browsing and can appear more regularly when watching video, I very much doubt it is a monitor issue as my last PC ran fine using the same monitor and without any issues. These glitches happen for a split second and appear differently each time. I can't really make out what these glitches look like as they literally appear and disappear instantly.

Does anyone know what the issue might be? Is there a possible fix or is the graphics card failing? (The graphics card is only 6 months old)

Much appreciated for any help.
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  1. What drivers are you running?
  2. I'm running the latest drivers for my graphics card
  3. Do you receive any messages in system tray such as 'AMD Display Driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered' ?

    Do you have hangs or lockups such that your only recourse is to forcefully shut down your computer using the power button on the case ?

    What is your latest driver understanding ? Are you on CCC 12.8 ? If so, try using 12.6.

    Has the problem started happening recently ? What was the situation a month ago ?

    Other than these, insure that every hardware in your computer is seated properly, including RAM sticks, power connectors, monitor cable, etc..

    It does not hurt if you give some info about the components in your computer, such as power supply unit, motherboard, RAM, etc..
  4. Actually i experience this kind of glithes as well.
    My pc was totally fine when was
    mb: Asrock ucc-63gs
    v: zotac GT520
    ram: 4gb corsair ddr3
    cpu: x2 250 amd
    some standart 450w psu
    and ssd ocz

    I was thinking to get a new gpu, but not really wanted to change psu,
    so i get asus 7750 and also esi juli@ soundcard, along with kingston 4gb stick

    so i installed everything and glitches appeared,
    Obviously i though of gpu, but running a tests, checking all parameters - And it shows as normal.
    Get the latest drivers, underclock it to original radeon values of freq.
    drivers btw (9.012-121219a-152192C-ATI)
    i was wondering that this is ram / since it's not the same, but have same voltage and freq. i removed it, nothing. then i though it was psu/motherboard and replace those with corsair cx600 and asus m5a97r2. i installed all, and get the same result.
    I use a china cheap hdml->dvi cord for my output.

    Anyway, i noticed that this glitch appearing more frequently.
    so, the question is - do i need to return gpu?
  5. I'm having the same problem with my 7970, very random (seems to be induced by games even if temps are pretty cool) looks like a tv with a bad signal for about .25 seconds. I didnt get it on my 60hz 1400x1050 monitor but with my new monitor in 1080 it does this. I thought it was my new monitors refresh rate of 144hz but it does it in 60hz also.
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