CPU Parking?

Today I noticed I wasnt getting good performance at anything I did on my computer. I opened up resource manager and saw that half of my CPU's were in a "Parked" state. I dont know what this is but it seems that it is disabling half of my cpus therfore getting half the preformance? mabye... but I want to fix this performance issue.

I have a AMD FX-8350 processor with a MSI GTX 660ti graphics card corsair GS800w PSU and 10GB of memory.

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  1. What are your issues in? Gaming? And has this recently been happening, or has it been a consistant problem?

    Those cores that are "parked" will be activated when needed.

    If you're getting low FPS on Ultra settings in certain games, it's probably because your GPU isn't enough depending on the game.

    By the way, 10GB memory??? No such thing in a current gen system. Unless if you put a 2gb stick with a single 8gb stick or with dual 4gb sticks. That could be your problem right there.

    *edit* I did a look up, you can have 10gb memory, it's just not often you will find it in a home built system. How ever, you can find it in a retail system.
  2. Well, I was also surpised with the 10gb of ram, perhaps you could state the motherboard brand and model number, to check whether it could actually support such a volume.

    Everything else seems good but what is the free space of your HDD? It should be about 25% with Windows 7.

    Do you have an external hdd attached prior to boot up?
    Is there a cd or dvd disk in the drive prior to boot up?
    Is the ram voltage 1866mhz, you'd need to use only one in each of the channels, not in pairs.
    Is the ram mixed brands and voltages?
    What OS are you using?
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