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Almost done with my rig. i7-3770k on a Sabertooth z77 motherboard. 16 GB or Ram with 750W PSU. Going to be playing on my 55' Panasonic TV 1080p 1920 x 1080. Looking to play all the new seasons releases on the highest settings possible. Which card would be the best choice?
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  1. Well, if you get an ASRock Z77 Extreme4 instead of that pointlessly expensive Sabertooth you'll be able to afford the 670 and hardly spend any more money. The 670's the better card, but the 660 Ti is the better value. Only you can decide if you think the 670 is worth the extra $100. A little Googling will turn up benchmarks for both cards.
  2. For my case I would prefer the 660 Ti. You get very comparable performance for a much better price. But if you're really worried about playing the season releases on highest setting, you'd be more safe to go with the 670..I personally don't think its worth it
  3. I just got my GTX 670 in the mail, I'm blown away to say the least. It tears through every game I have thrown at it like a knife through butter!
  4. 670 imo. if crysis 3 will be part of this "seasons" releases
  5. I went ahead and ordered the EVGA 670 FTW. Two of them. :O)
  6. evga....smh
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