Is my motherboard compatible with this graphics card?

Hey everyone, :hello: I recently got Guild Wars 2 and I want to play it on a setting that's respectable to the game.

The problem is that my current PC is old and in need of an update in order to play it, although i have no idea what I am doing. Could you guys please recommend a graphics card?

Here are my current motherboard specifications.

I know I am going to need to upgrade my RAM from a measly 1GB to 4+GB.

I was looking at a "Galaxy - GeForce GT 640 GC 1GB DDR3 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card" but im not sure if its compatible with my motherboard or if it is decent enough to play Guild wars 2 well.

Can a DDR3 be installed onto the Dual Channel DDR2+DDR that this motherboard has?

Not sure if this matters but the power supply reads 10A250V~

Any suggestions?
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    Unfortunately all of the parts you have selected are far too new for your motherboard. It will only accommodate an Intel Core 2 series processor, 1066MHz DDR2 is the best RAM you can get, and PCIe is the best your motherboard can do and would make a card that uses PCIe 3.0 a waste of money. My suggestion would be to upgrade your whole computer, the reason being the price of legacy components does not warrant the performance gains. The cheapest you would be able to get the upgrades that match your motherboard is $160 USD ($100 for the GT 640 and $60 for 4GB of DDR2), but by spending $40 more dollars you could get a mostly modern computer with the following:

    Motherboard=ECS LGA 1155 H61
    Processor=Intel Sandy Bridge 2.6GHz Dual core
    Memory (RAM)=G.Skill 4GB 1333MHz DDR3
    Video Card=Saphire Radeon HD 6670 1GB

    These components will be sufficient to play Guild Wars 2 at decent to good settings.

    Hope that helped.
  2. That PSU rating you gave is simply the primary side (120V side). The secondary side has the important info. But if the PC is a typical store-bought it will have a weak PSU. This is about the best you can run with that system as is:

    You will need to upgrade you memory with DDR2, not DDR3 and that is getting hard to find. Maybe ebay.
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  4. Thanks guys. I figured i was going to have to either buy a new PC at one point or another, but at least this gives me an excuse.

    thank you so much!
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