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Problem with ASUS Radeon HD7870 DirectCu II 2GB

I purchased a ASUS Radeon HD7870 DirectCu II 2GB last week and installed it with a new power supply Coolermaster GX 650W Bronze.

Since doing this i can run games like skyrim in ultra quality fine however it seems that whenever i am playing a game whether it be Skyrim, WoW etc my wireless card drops signal.

I have tried with both a USB wireless device and PCI card and will do the same thing, WoW will sometimes last a minute before it disconnects, i am also unable to watch flash videos on the web due to the same issue. Could this be related to power? or may be interference, any advice would be great

A little more info is my old Graphics card worked fine, it is an Radeon HD 5670 i think with no issues, also when i use Ethernet it worked fine
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  1. Defective card.
  2. can you switch your old gpu back into the system and see if the same issue is still there? right now its either the new card causing this issue or the new psu so if you leave the psu in there and replace the card with the old one and the problem is still there then its def the new psu causing interference if the problem is gone its most likely the new gpu l
  3. Yeah i put my old one in last night with the new power supply and it was working fine. No drops at all
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    the power supply should be fine I think your best bet is to RMA the video card..its causing some kind of interference that shouldnt be happening.
  5. I wonder if it might be that my card is to power hungry? however i would have thought my PSU could handle it, I only have 1 HDD, 1 DVD Drive, 8 Gig ram (4 x 2 gig) sticks
  6. As I stated above the card is defective, you got a good PSU so this should not be a problem.
  7. Yeah i will speak to ASUS, i also plan to update my bios tonight and chipset drivers just in case.

    Out of curiosity what would be the symptoms of power issues, as reading in to Forums have found that this PSU may not handle heavy loads very well
  8. HD 7870 eat up 144w at full load where is the rest of wattage let say ram and cpu + other components takes 100w still more than half is remain.
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