is this card future proof to play at 1080p and is is good to play bf3 on high/ultra @ 60 fps i might be able to get a sapphire 7870 oc or a 660 ti but not sure if i will have the $$ if not i might get an msi 7850 oc to upgrade from 5770.
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  1. There is no telling if a certain piece of hardware will be 'futureproof', however, the Radeon HD7850 is a very beefy card for it's price and it will certainly be able to play BF3 on Ultra @ 1080p. You may have to lay off some of the Eye-Candy features such as AA, however.

    Once overclocked, your HD7850 should perform like a GTX580 :)
  2. why does the aa have to be turned down/off
  3. crossfiresli160 said:
    why does the aa have to be turned down/off

    You don't have to turn it off, but AA is very taxing on your FPS. Having it turned up all the way may cause some huge dips :)

    However, playing on the Ultra Preset should be no problem, just don't go crazy with the 'custom' settings :lol:
  4. does amd have something like adaptive v sync
  5. Not to my knowledge, that's only Nvidia.
  6. what do you think the best settings for bf3 1080p to run smooth at 60fps or more but doesnt look low quality
    Texture Quality:
    Antialiasing Deferred:
    Ambient Occlusion:
    Terrain Quality:
    Mesh Quality:
    Shadow Quality:
    Effects Quality:
    Motion Blur:
    Terrain Decoration:
    Antialiasing Post:
    Anisotropic Filter:
    i have an i5 2500k stock with sapphire 7850 oc
  7. you could use FXAA
  8. theres no option fot that
  9. should be
  10. Just turn up all the options except AA which should be off or at 2. Done.
  11. does it affect fps if you stretch a lower resolution to full screen
  12. Yes, but the game will looks less crisp and a bit ugly. At 1080p, a 7850 will play BF3 at Ultra at 45FPS, and with some OC, 60FPS.
  13. how much oc its already @ 920 mhz core
  14. Maybe to 1GHz or 1100.
  15. did amd ever fix there drivers for bf3 since launch
  16. is there anything in ccc that will help performance
  17. put the bar for graphics overclocking at max for core and to 1400 for memory and you'd have the best the card can offer.
  18. No, AMD never fixed their drivers after BF3 after it launched like, like 9 months ago. /s

    Just joking. They did. And OC like esrever said.
  19. the card does well in bf3 regular maps but on b2k/AR the fps are dropping and going back up again but if i oc does it void warranty with saphire
  20. OC with CCC doesn't void warranty.

    you should overclock your CPU too.
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