Possible Upgrade? Or start from scratch

Current system

CPU Q6600 socket 775
MoBo Gigabyte GAN680SLIDQ6
4Gb OCZ (not sure of model, they're out of the memory market)
(2) Nvidia 8800GT's in SLI
60 gb 10,000 rpm Western digital
1 Tb 7200 storage drive
1000W PS
Coolmaster case

My question is if I want to do an upgrade, is it even worth doing it piece by piece or is the system too old, and I should start from scratch. I can run everything, but I'm noticing that I can't use all the ultra high settings in games anymore.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Start from scratch. Could keep the hard drives, PSU, and case. and upgrade those as needed.
  2. Definately start from scratch. As rgd said keep the hdd, power supply, and the case.
  3. I would start from scratch as well. You can salvage some parts, like case, drives, and maybe PSU. What brand is it?

    Also, you could always upgrade your video card and take that to a new build. However, depending on what card you get it might be held back quite a bit by the rest of your system. But it would give you a boost in performance and is easy to move to a new build.
  4. You should upgrade your mobo, cpu, gpu and ram at least"
  5. Like said before by those guys...
    better to start from scratch
    Keep everything except: mobo, RAM, proc and GPU

    Recommended proc upgrade: i5 3570k or FX8350 (no need to go i7 unless if you really need it or badly want it)
    Recemmended chipset: Z77 or 990FX
    Recommended RAM: 8 or 16GB DDR3 1600
    Recommended GPU: at least HD6850...directly go for 2 of them if you want...

    You can either go directly for all (mobo, proc, ram, gpu) or divide the items in 2 steps (the order is your decision): 1. mobo, proc, RAM and 2. gpu...if you are short of budget

    Optional: dump the 60GB 10k rpm and get yourself a fresh new at least 128GB SSD.

    My opinion:
    I would rather keep your Q6600 (perhaps OC a bit) and go for GPU only at the moment and wait for Hasswell.
    Q6600 is not that bad.

    I am now preparing my budget to replace my Q6600, P5E X38, HD6850 and 6GB RAM early next year...it looks like that I will skip sandy bridge and go for Hasswell...or perhaps something newer at that time...also skip HD7xxx series...go for something better next year...
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