GeForce 560 se SLI?

How would two GeForce 560 se cards perform in SLI? I already have one and was planning on upgrading to a I5-2400 from a G620.
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  1. It would work, but not very well because the GTX 560 SE is a very low end card. The lower end the card, the more micro-stuttering problems.
  2. low end? I think that word gets tossed around a little too much nowadays. It runs BF3 with 50-60 fps man
  3. At what settings and res? I wouldn't waste money SLI'ing a card that barely performs better than a 550TI
  4. ^+1

    Sell for a better card.
  5. Yeah, the 560SE isn't great. Personally, I wouldn't recommend SLIing anything below tier 8 of the hierarchy charts.,3107-7.html
  6. Should I just buy a 660ti and sli that in like half a year?
  7. Yes.
  8. Yeah, the 660ti alone would still probably be better than the 560se in SLI.
  9. Yes.

    I'd say 560SE SLI would be around a 570, and a 660ti is better than a 580 in most tasks.
  10. Ok heres the other thing though. Right now I have a MSI H77MA-G43 mobo and a G620 in it. I was thinking I would just get a I5-2400 and a 660ti and then when I get another 660 i would get another motherboard and just swap everything. Should I do that? Or just buy a new motherboard right off the bat? How bad is it to switch CPU's on the same mobo?
  11. You'd have to reinstall windows most likely.

    Anyways, if you don't need a new board don't get one.


    i3-2120 and a 670 would be the best.
  12. I like the idea but wouldn't upgrading from a dual core to another dual core be kinda silly lol? Even though the I3 blows g620 out of the water?
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