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This is a little esoteric, but maybe somebody knows the answer. I took apart my dead laptop the other day and I extracted the video card and screen. The card is a MediaMagic 256av, it has both an agp and a pci interface, standard pinout but in a much smaller connector. It also connects to the lcd screen via a little ribbon cable with about 40 pins on it, if that many. Anyway, my question is two-fold: first, does anybody know if there exists a way to convert the PCI plug on the board into a standard PCI card interface. I'm not afraid of some soldering but if there was a cable of sime kind that'd be better. Also, does anybody know what kind of interface the screen accepts, I imagine it's some kind of standard, but I don't know what it would be, can't find it online. Maybe it's a DVI interface on a different connector? Anyway, any help you can give would be much appreciated, thanks.

Michael Pokorny
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  1. LCD screens use digital connection, so yes, if you were to get the wires in correct order, you could use them and make some sort of DVI connector.

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  2. Just killed my 486. Anyone know where to find a wiring diagram for a Dell Lattitude 486/66 monitor? :)

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