Hi all,
I have been looking at building my first gaming pc and was wondering which case I should get.
Right now i am looking at the:
antec three hundred £40
and the
antec three hundred two £50
What is the difference between the two cases and is the three hundred two worth the extra £10 bearing in mind I am on a tight budget.
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  1. seeing as you appear to be in Europe, I'm not sure the product there is exactly the same as here. Assuming it is, here are the differences I found on Newegg
    300 vs 300 2
    1. Expansion Slots: 7 vs 8
    2. Front Ports: USB 2.0 / Audio vs 2 x USB 3.0, Audio In/Out
    3. Fans: TriCool vs twoCool
    4. Dimensions: 18.30" x 8.10" x 18.00" vs 20.2" x 9" x 18.5"

    The the 300 2 weighs a hair less and supports larger video cards. Looks as though it may have better cable managment as well. I've always found ways to route cables long before cases really took that into account.

    If your budget is so tight that the extra money makes a legitimate difference, you can get by with the 300 fine I'm sure.
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