Should This Computer Be Able To..

Stream HD 1080p youtube with perfect quality?

Amd Sempron LE 1300 2.3 Ghz single core processor
2 Gb Ram ddr2
Geforce GT 520 3gb ddr3
standard HDD 500gb

It plays any youtube video 720p+ really choppy and laggy
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  1. Here is some detailed info on my computer, I just bought my dad the 520 GT graphics card to fix the lag but it's still there, he doesnt want to spend much money to upgrade but wants to watch youtube without any lag
  2. Several months ago I built a low-cost home theater system using a Sempron 145 (2.8ghz) and an AMD HD6670 video card. Some choppy movie playback until I overclocked the Sempron to 3.3ghz. Don't know if this is possible with your cpu.

    EDIT: You need to be sure your internet connection speed is not the cause of the choppiness.
  3. Our internet is def. Not the problem, I think the processor just sucks, I added 2gb of ram and same issue

    Anyone know a decent processor I could add to this comp to get it up to date
  4. Personally, I wouldn't waste any money upgrading the system. You'd be much happier building a new low-cost tower for about $300. That Sempron (AM2) setup is obsolete.

    EDIT: What motherboard is this system using?
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