AMD build does it look good

CASE:Antec 900
HDD:1tb WD 7200rpm
PSU:750w antec
RAM:8gb Corsair Vengeance
CPU: FX-8350
HEATSINK:COOLERMASTER 212+ or FRIO or H80 (don't plan on 1 GHz oc, more like MHz oc)
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    Would go cheaper considering this is an AMD build, at your pricepoint an Intel build would be a bit better.

    At least from what I see. Critiques so far, The Hyper 212 Evo will be enough, you're not overclocking GHZ OCs which push the FXs or any chip over the typical stock voltage give or take. Which means heat will not be THAT MUCH higher, it'll be enough that the 212 Evo can handle, it's a great cooler anyways.

    As for your CPU I like the new Piledrivers, I really do, but for gaming Intel is still better. If your build was budget, I'd understand, but considering you are opting for a 990FX MB and the most expensive piledriver, it'd be better to go for the Asrock Extreme3 Z77 and the i5 3570K.

    Check out my $850 build here:
    Just swap the 7870 for the 7970 and, IMO, you'll have a better overall build.
  2. Thanks for the advice!!! I need the 7970 though (multi-monitor).I was really hoping piledriver would cut-it for experts such-as yourself, and thinking about now intel has better performance per watt by far.(I read somewhere i think it was anandtech but it was reaching 200w+ on bf3,whereas an i5 was still in the mid 100w region)
    Thank you!
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  4. Oh forgot to mention, can the asrock motherboard can handle slight to moderate oc's. (even though a stock i5 is a beast)
  5. Yes it'll be perfect for it. Piledriver is great, no doubt. I may dabble once I sell my i5 build as I just want to get some money but still get some similar performance, however, overall the i5's of Intel are better, especially in gaming. Piledriver did improve 10-15% as estimated from Bulldozer, but they weren't really improving on much to start with. Steamroller (next AMD chips after Piledriver) will probably be the catch up to Ivy Bridge chips, but those will be too late as Haswell will be out.
  6. If I were starting from scratch with a $800-$1000 budget I would probably go Intel also, especially if we're talking gaming. I like my Bulldozer (will be a Piledriver tomorrow). But I just sold off my i5-2500K rig last week and am now using my FX-8150 (was my backup machine). It's pretty nice but the i5 was little snappier.
  7. total came out be $15 for a avg of 10% or more frames per second (according to anandtech)
  8. err.... ~$1500 not $15
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