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There are some tracks on some P.C. games that I want to play without having to play the games, on windows desktop via media player, but when I try to access them windows media player/winamp says it doesn't support their format. The tracks on some games can be played like a music CD, but there are those that can't. Is there any special software that I can use to access them or anything?

+ is there any software out there that will let me play Playstation game tracks on my PC?
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  1. those that play like CDs are made differently than other CDs. They are basically large wav files on the CD that can be read by the CD player (it reads the data as the first track, and it's blank). If your game doesn't do this, all you can do is try to find out how the music is encoded and either rip it using the appropriate application and encode it as something else.

    This is something you need to find out more information on your own, as each game is different. Don't come here looking for one magical fix for all your games. You actually have to do some footwork.

    For PS games, I can't offer any advice. I don't know how they're burned, or how the data is mapped on the CD. if it doesn't work in your CD player, then look it up on google.

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