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Hi everyone,

We are expanding our office of 5 PCs to something around 10 PCs.
I'm looking forward to buying an IBM server for a small business with 10-12 PCs.
The server would primarily be used for centralized file storage.

Currently, our office has an old P4 (~3GHz) as the server with 4-5 PCs. After expansion, we intend to buy an actual server to serve the 10 PCs.

I'm considering getting the IBM System x3200 M3 Express ( ).

Pleas suggest any alternatives in same price range.
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  1. What Operating system are you looking at having on it?

    it it is just a temporary measure i would consider getting a Dual bay NAS

    something like

    Are you looking at installing and configuring it yourself or getting a pro in?
  2. The NAS would be ideal if you are only doing file storage. If you wanted something different, I would look at Dell servers since they will be cheaper than an IBM server and the quality is nearly the same.
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