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Sorry this is truly an amateur question excuse me, if you will. I have Vista 64 and I was gonna install Win 7. My question is, How do I maitain my installed programs, without having to reinstall things i.e. ATI CCC, Express gate, All the AMD software Overdrive and such, etc. ?
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    During the Win 7 installation, windows will ask you if you want to keep any files. Click YES and it will direct you to the files you want saved.
  2. What about a new drive install? Would I be able to migrate the files from to the Vista drive to the Win7 drive during install? What would be the process of doing this?
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  4. Is 8GB@800MHz Memory to much for gaming? Would I be better off with 4GB of 1066MHz?
  5. 8Gb will always be better than 4Gb, the more the better....Specially in Win 7 64bit =)
  6. What about the new drive install migration question? any thought? BTW you have been truly helpful in this, Thank You. Look forward to picking your brain as much as you possible. LOL
  7. hehe, yes you will be able to migrate files from Vista to 7 but only your personal files. Any 3rd party software that was running under Vista will not run on 7. Just write down all your programs (apps) and once you format and boot to windows you can re-install them with the most updated driver. Win 7 will automatically install the drivers for you =)
  8. performance wise though i reckon you are best off doing a clean install. it will pay off in the end and it will only take an extra hour or so re-install drivers and such. especially if you are migrating from a 32 bit os.

    download all the installers for the things you want and place them with with all files you want backed up (pictures, savegames, videos, bookmarks, etc ) together on a seperate hardrive. that way, on your OS installation hardrive, win7 can be installed all fresh and clean and then as soon as it is installed you can start instaling the programs and stuff you want straight away rather than waiting for things to download.

    as for drivers, win7 is pretty damn good at auto installing them on first boot.

    also, have a look at this which saves quite a bit of time
  9. You can upgrade your vista-64 to windows-7-64. All your files and programs should remain intact.
    Once this is done, you can clone your system to a new drive. Acronis true image has a utility to do this.

    Alternatively, you could try windows backup to an external drive, and tryy to restore it to your new drive.
  10. I agree, while you can migrate your old files, the best way to install your NEW OS is to wipe it clean and later on install whatever you had on the last OS. Of course this can only be done if you have a way of backing up your old data.
  11. until my lady bought me my external 1tb i asked a friend of mine if i could use theirs for a day.

    or making it easier if you do by any chance happen to have the cash, you could just buy an external (or internal) drive. considering the ridiculously cheap prices they are nowadays. and its most certainly a piece of hardware i think about daily how i lived without it
  12. Yea, I have one of these just in case :

    the best part is that I can keep all my LARGE files on the external and not bloat up my internal drive.
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