CPU fan throttles to 100% then entire computer shuts down

So I switched cases about a week ago and everything went smoothly. Had a few speed bumps but I finally got it working. However now my CPU fan will throttle up to what seems like 100% and after a few seconds the entire computer shuts down. The weird thing is that it will run fine until I plug in my PS/2 keyboard or mouse. This sets it off for some reason? All fans and other things work. The CPU is the only thing stopping the computer from working. :fou: :fou:
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  1. What were the few speed bumps you refered to? Are you using a USB keyboard and mouse now to get the system booted ?
  2. Are you able to monitor your CPU temp when this happens? And why would you be plugging in a PS2 device with the system running? PS2 isn't a hot plug device like USB devices are.
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