E7500 vs q6600 gaming


i am thinking about throwing up a light gaming machine from old components
i'd like to get some opinions on these two:

e7500 vs q6600 on a MSI G41M-P26 motherboard combined with kingston hyperxblu 1600mhz cl9

(hint - fsb runs out of steam @ 340mhz tested on both a e6600 and a e7200)

and that's how far the cpu's would be overclocked

so ram is going @ ~1333mhz CL7 happily, doesnt seem to jump to cl8 just yet on automatic

so if this would be combined with a gtx660 minimum, preferably 660ti

on a multicore optimised game like far cry 3 and other current/future releases - which would be the winner?
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  1. With good cooling, Q6660 had hit 3.3/3.6GHz, well within FSB wall, the MSI board could be a weak point as they will overclock, but normally uses weaker/cheaper components. Will proberbly bottleneck GTX660.

    Based on TH Crysis testing, would be playable in low/medium settings.
  2. Q6600 for sure! since new games require a minimum of quad core processor and its pretty much overclockable too
  3. Q6600 can OC to 3.6ghz pretty easy with a decent cooler and mb
  4. so seems everybody missed the statement that my motheroard's fsb can't be overclocked higher than 340mhz... therefore e7500 would be clocked @ max 3.74ghz and q6600 @ 3.06ghz -
    (also far cry 3 ran 25-40 fps @ 1080p almost ultra with my e7200 @ 3.2 ghz and a gtx650 - so a quad core definitely isn't minimum but i know what you mean... the difference should be very noticeable) ... im just thinking about dropping a cpu in the system and both can be acquired with ease and dirt cheap - altho still the q6600 is $30 more... that's why i wonder how big the difference would be IN MY CURRENT system?
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    The Q6600 will give you significantly higher FPS.
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  7. any of the 45nm quads are prettymuch out of question because here you can get them in the area of 110-120usd which is just some 20-25% less than a brand new AMD quad/six core ... anyway decided to hold off and get one of those or even a 8350... other pc issues that need investment came about.

    correction - remember what i posted about fsb? i can't overclock a 1333mhz cpu with this board.
  8. i upgraded from a E7300 (oc. to 3gh, 45nm) to a Q6600 (oc. to 3gh, 65nm), mb is a dfi LT p35 T2R, 2x2gb kingston hyperx 1066 (oc. to 667mhz) and a video card hd5770. The differente in games it's HUGE, crysis 3 on high, gta4, far cry 3 etc, i use 1280x1024 resolution, but the new 1155 platform fermors alot better in desktop aplications. With that gtx660 and a quad core cpu u should play every game on max settings if for games you wanna build the conputer. GPU is the important part when it comes to gaming not cpu, any ordinary quad core over pervorms every game, at least that i see on youtube.
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