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I need to build a computer for work on a $600.00 max budget. Office, Email, web search and little else. I need to use Win7 Pro and have to factor it's cost into the build. Gaming is not an issue but speed in office, excel, word and power point is. Gaming machines I know. Budget work boxes with bang for the buck I don't.
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  1. Just try getting a case from either newegg or at a local electronic store. If you have a fry's electronics around you, they or microcenter can help you build something to your specs and withing a budget.
  2. Just about any CPU will be fine for office work. There generally won't be any difference in performance whether you are using a Pentium G645 or a Core i7-3770k. Well, if it's for financial modelling then I would go with the i7-3770k, but most people don't do that type of thing unless they are building/testing very complex investment products and need to know the likely potential profitability.
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