PhysX Question.

What does PhysX do?
Do all games support PhysX?

Can anyone post a video comparison?
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    It makes the game more realistic. like more effects and pays attention to details. you can see in the video.

    No, all games do not support PhysX, only some games do like Batman Arkham Asylum.

    Video :
    To get best comparison watch the video in HD and full screen :)
  3. Some more details:

    I believe only something like 9 total games support GPU accelerated PhysX - it is a heavily marketed feature from Nvidia and their fans, but it only applies to a couple of games.

    Also, you can still enable PhysX features without an Nvidia GPU - it just carries a heavier framerate hit since it will run off the CPU.

    In the couple games that use it, it's a cool feature. However, the VAST majority of games don't use it and that's the ongoing trend - most games use things like the Havok physics engine instead. PhysX is 90% a marketing tool.
  4. ^^
    It also drops down the frame rates a bit :(
    If you have cash you should buy a very cheap dedicated physX card if you are crazy about it.
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