Ram shorted out the PSU?

Followed the no POST/boot/video guide.

Asrock B75M-DGS
Celeron G550
Kingston KVR1333D3S8N9K2/4G RAM
Antec HCG-520
Asus 7850 2GB

I did the breadboarding test and received silence when testing with the RAM. I tried one stick of RAM in both slots, tried using both sticks of RAM. No beep.

Asrock website doesn't list the exact RAM KVR133etc etc and the closest listed on the website is KVR1333D3N9/2G. Is the RAM incompatible with my motherboard?

Or has... the RAM actually shorted out the PSU. The PSU will be replaced anyway, since it has a rattling sound but I don't want to kill the replacement with the same RAM.


System seems to start up fine, fans spinning, LED's turn on but there is no signal being sent to the monitor. Little steps though, I have no idea what's causing the no video but I guess I need to deal with the PSU and RAM first.
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    your RAM could not damage the power supply

    is the monitor cable connected to the graphics card or to the motherboard .

    If the card is in the comp then the monitor connects to the card . If you remove the graphics card you can also connect directly to the motherboard and see if you get a signal
  2. >If the card is in the comp then the monitor connects to the card

    ah I didn't think of that- although it looks like I'll need an adapter of some sort since the monitor I have doesn't have the required cable to connect to the card.

    Also, I got some new RAM which is listed as compatible and tried it out on the motherboard. No beep. The store said it might be something to do with the motherboard- so I guess I'll look into that as well. I guess the question here is, is a motherboard capable of doing the long beeps and pass the test for CPU+HSF only but will fail the test when RAM is added?
  3. it might also be there is no speaker attached to the mb
  4. There definitely is a speaker attached to the motherboard.

    However, I did follow your advice about attaching the monitor to the motherboard with no card attached. Success! The monitor was getting a signal.

    I'm going to get a cable adapter so I can actually attach the card to the monitor and hopefully there should be no further problems.
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