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Upgrading opinions

Hello I'm new to the forums, i found myself here alot so i figured i'd might as well sign up as i've read very helpful things from here. Anyways i'm looking to upgrade from my e8400 system to something newer. I Have roughly a $300 budget I also have a few of the components here they are
GPU: Galaxy GTX 460 768 GC edition
PSU: Thermaltake tr2- 500w
1 92mm exhaust fan
1 120mm intake fan
dvd drive, hdd, monitor

I've already put something together on tigerdirect so basically i'm hoping someone can take a look. I'm open to any suggestions, although i'm leaning more towards intel i wouldn't mind an amd set up i just don't know much about amd. Anyways here's what i put together any input is appreciated thank you for reading.

Also i apologize if this is in the wrong section, i wasn't really sure where else to put it
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    The ram you use needs to be 1.5 volt other than that it looks fine.
  2. Ok thank you, where would that board put me on a future upgrade to like an i5 3570k so i can oc a bit when i get the money together
  3. It will work fine for overclocking being a Z77 board.
  4. alright cool thank you :D
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