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CPU and mobo question

Hey everyone,

I built my first pc about 2 years ago and I choose the ASUS (m4a88td-v) EVO mobo I also bought a AMD Phenom II X 4 945 processor.

I checked the asus website and it says it supports AMD phenom and some lower chip sets.

Two questions:
#1. Will the AMD Phenom II 965 (Black) will work for my mobo.
#2. Is there any other CPUs that I could purchase that are better?
It's still and amazing CPU but just curious.

I'm computer stupid I'm sorry in advanced I just wanted to challenge myself to build a nice pc for myself.

Again thank you thank you
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    1 Yes it does
    2 The Phenom X6 like the 1100T
  2. Thank you for the help!!
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