Powercolor Devil 13.

Is the powercolor devil 13 7990 or 7970 X2?
I am confused as on websites its showing 7990 but AMD has not yet listed 7990 on their website :heink:
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  1. AFAIK you can called it what ever you want. the way i heard about AMD decided to ditch the 'reference' version of 7990 and giving free reign to partners to design the dual gpu card based on two Tahiti chip combined.
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    It is not 7990 but a custom card consisting of two radeon 7970 :)

    Its like Asus ROG Ares series.

    They dont use 7970Ghz edition, they just use the regular 7970, so a 7970 Ghz edition will be faster and you can oc more on individual cards :)

    As BigMack70 said it will perform better than the 690 as even though the 690 is 2 GK104's with 8SMX units each and it is slightly downclocked.

    but if i were you i would choose 2 7970 GHz editions ;)
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  4. renz496 said:

    Not surprising it doesn't even come close to the GTX 690.
  5. so now we wait for other vendor if they can pull out something better than power color one
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