(solved) New Build (no signal, only beeps with no ram)


i just built a computer and got the dreaded no signal from the monitor. I do not get any beeps unless there is no ram in the motherboard.

system information
mother board foxconn a7da 3.0
CPU AMD x2 250
(3.0 ghz, 2.0 mb socket am3)
ram is HP 4gig 1333 DDR3 240 pin
power is CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 V2 600W ATX12V v2.3 80 PLUS.

i have the motherboard on a cardboard box (its case) with only the bare essentials installed (ram, CPU, power unit, monitor, keyboard) i have checked all there power plugs on the board and they are all installed correctly, i have removed the battery from the motherboard waited fifteen mins and placed it back, i have reset the cmos. i am really at a loss. i figure it may be the ram (if hp is not compatible with the motherboard) might be the motherboard or the power unit. any help would be greatly apreciated.
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  1. how is that new?

    and does the motherboard have intergrated graphics?
  2. You have both the 4pin and 24pin power connectors plugged in?
  3. yes i have both plugged in.
  4. TheBigTroll said:
    how is that new?

    and does the motherboard have intergrated graphics?

    its new to me :) yes it does have integrated graphics, though i did try using a graphics card after the initial failor to get a signal to be on the safe side. it still did not work.
  5. solved... it was bad ram
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