Bought new card, missing power cable?

My Dell E510's graphics card crapped out, so I picked up a refurbished ATI Radeon X800 256 card. Only problem is it did not come with the cables, power supply, etc. Also, my basic Dell PSU (305w) doesn't even have an available connection for the card, besides a tiny "P7" 4pin strange connector. I'm guessing I need to upgrade my PSU to one with more connectors?? Thanks...
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  1. A buddy just told me I would probably need a 400w+ power supply anyways for this new graphics card....hmm.
  2. Your "new" card is over 7 years old.
    The power cable looks like a floppy style power connector or a 4 pin fan style connector... It could also be a proprietary connector. It says a 300 watt PSU should be sufficient on newegg.
    most times the old connector is a floppy 4 pin molex power connector or same connector as a fan connector.
  4. I know it is an older card...I was just looking for the cheapest replacement that would work decently. Not really a gamer or anything where I needed something more expensive.

    Smorizio, my card is the 2nd one in your first pic there.....which has the 6 pin connector. Even with a new PSU, will I likely need a 6pin-to-4pin adapter?
  5. most new power supply will have one 6 pin pci connector. just read there spec real close. most good 500-600w ps will have two 6 pin pci video connectors.
    good 500w unit that 35.00 after rebates and has two 6 pin pci power plugs.
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