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Second ATI physx card?

Hey guys,
So I'm upgrading to an HD 7870 soon ! :D Then of course I'll have my old HD 4770 available for other kinds of nonsense. So, I was thinking. would it be possible to use that second card to handle physx? Like, I know its supposed to be an Nvidia thing, but I saw the option for physx somewhere on my current ATI card's settings, can't remember where I saw it though! GRRR (there were four boxes to tick, Direct Compute, Open GL, i think, Cuda and physx) If this were indeed possible, how would i go about setting it up and connecting it. I have a strong enough psu.

Thanks guys :)
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  1. An AMD with Physx AND cuda cores ; i gotta see that.
  2. LOL! I know!! but i saw the option so I guess its got to work? Though I can't for the life of me remember where I found that menu!! GRRR
  3. I think you mean GPU-Z, like this:

    and I'll give you a fiver if physx was ticked on your amd card

    pic taken from here
  4. Looked exactly like that except I don't have GPU-Z... Got CPU-Z though no option like that ,however. Maybe hardware infor?
  5. And no your fiver is safe it wasnt tick I just thought it was an option that could be ticked...
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    bigbasedrum said:
    Looked exactly like that except I don't have GPU-Z... Got CPU-Z though no option like that ,however. Maybe hardware infor?

    sure whatever, but the point is the software is showing what the card is capable of with those ticks, it is not user selectable setting or something you could change...
  7. Maybe if you just keep trying . . . :sarcastic:
  8. aaah oky makes sense thanks! :) I just thought that since Physx can work on a CPU it would work on an ATI card. Sure it wouldn't be optimized but I wouldn't need it to be since the HD 4770 would properly be plenty powerful enough to run it. Also I read somewhere that you could but I could be mistaken... Thanks anyway! :D
  9. @robjordy: Where there's a will there's a way! :P
  10. ATI cards don't have the hardware to run Physx.
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  12. Indeed ! LoL.

    I believe physx is more a hardware thing than a software if i'm not wrong. ( am i ? ) I thought it was something physical on the card. Could be way off though.
  13. Ah, i'm not wrong then. ( You type faster than me )
  14. That is showing how you can run a NVIDIA card as like a secondary card with an ATI card as the primary GPU. So like if you were to run your soon-to-be 7870 with say.....a GTS250 like I have, they have hacked drivers to do so (I've done it)
  15. I read further after I posted and sort of guessed that, but I just wanted to make sure. BTW is Physx such a big improvement or is it just hype? I could imagine having better physics calculations would help a great deal in racing games, but we're already so close to real life, is it really needed?
  16. PhysX has to be specifically used by a game, and even then it's only for special effects (afaik; nothing game-changing). So no, it's not a big improvement.
  17. Only certain games actually utilize Physx, because Physx is mainly a Nvidia thing:

    Here's a list!
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