A little help on buying new components for my gaming system.

Hey people and PC enthutiasts , I'm planning to buy an i5 3570k , along with a Gigabyte z77-D3h Mobo and a Geforce GTX 670. I will mostly play the latest games with my new system such as Crysis 3 , Battlefield 3 , Borderlands 2. But I would highly appreciate it if I could get some advice from you people.

I've still not decided whether should I buy an i5 3570k or i5 3570 (without the k). Will overclocking the CPU really help in gaming ? As in higher frames per second ? Or just to give it a boost to not bottleneck the GPU ? If not , how will overclocking the CPU help in gaming in anyway ? I am new to overclocking components in the system as I have not done it before.

My budget is really tight and I could save a few bucks for not buying the 'K' version of the processor and a overclocking ability Motherboard.
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  1. Then buy the regular 3570 or 3450 and an H77 motherboard. Even with the K series you'll need a decent power supply to overclock, which many folks skimp on with limited budgets.
  2. Don't get the 3570, If you cant afford the 3570k go down to a 3350p. From newegg I only see a $5 difference between the 3570 and the k version so I see no reason not to get it.

    Also to save money get a 7950 instead
  3. I can afford the i5 3570k version. Just enough budget to buy it. Im just wondering how much performance will i get in gaming if i were to buy the 'K' version and overclock it to , say , 4.2-4.4 Ghz ?
  4. Overclocking depends on alot of factors; what power supply will you be using? If you don't have a good unit, you can run the 3570k at stock settings until you get one later.
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