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Can't install W7

So I built a HTPC.

AMD A6-5400K


Crucial Ballistix 4GB

OCZ Vertex 4 64GB

Antec EarthWatts 380W


So anyways, I got it all put together, grabbed my dvd drive from my pc to install W7. I went through the setup and got to the part where I select the drive, no drive was showing. I restarted, then it was showing. Tried installing but it didn't work, was stuck at 0%. Tried again, no success. Tried a second windows.

I ended up getting really frustrated (of course nothing goes right for me, ever) I've built many computers before but always have trouble with an SSD.

Anyways, I tried installing W7 on another computer in the house, it didn't work on that one either. I tried it on my computer, didn't work. I put W7 on a usb drive and was successfully able to install it on my computer (and only my computer) I put it back in the HTPC and I got a message saying "reboot and select proper boot device" Anger now sets in. I try re installing once again, same thing. Tried installing W7 via usb in htpc, didn't work. I would constantly get that flashing line on the top left throughout all of this.

If anyone has any idea it would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
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  1. You may need to enable "boot from USB HDD" in the BIOS or similar.
  2. Yea, that.. Or.. is this a legitimate copy of Win7? From where did you obtain it? What version is it? Is it an upgrade version or a full install? OEM version? Retail version?

    SSD's can occasionally be kind of quirky to install OS's to, do you have a traditional hardrive to put in the HTPC and see if you can install Windows to that?
  3. I tried the boot from usb, no success.

    If I say it was an illegitimate copy then this thread will be shut down due to not supporting piracy.

    So, I'll plead the fifth on that one.

    If I was happening to use an illegitimate copy while having this problem, would a legit store bought copy bring me better luck?

    I'll try wiping a extra HDD I have now to see if I can install windows on it. If I can successfully do it, what does that mean with the SSD?
  4. sounds like your ram is screwed up... run memtest
    and your busses/sockets on your mobo are also defective

    be sure to check this

    Hope this helps, also try another disk
  5. So I ran memtest, no problems at all. I wiped a HDD from my computer and tried using it. I was able to install W7 on it. I'm reluctant to use that drive though since it hasn't been very stable.

    So does that mean that the SSD is defective or something else. It would show in bios, then when I got to the screen to choose what drive I wanted to install on it wouldn't be there. Sometimes when I restarted it would should in bios, other times it wouldn't. Is that a mobo thing or SSD.
  6. So I just found a deal on slickdeals for a samsung 830 which is what I have on my regular pc and have had no problems at all with it. I'm thinking I'm going to exchange the vertex with newegg, get a new one and sell it on ebay for what I paid for it and go with the samsung. Good idea? plus it's a 128gb opposed to a 64gb
  7. alright awesome! :D well i guess it's fixed now, never seen that before where you cant install windows but at least it's fixed now.
  8. Okay, I got it working right today. Got a replacement SSD sent and it's running flawlessly. Except for one thing. I also bought a WD 1TB Black, it shows up in bios, got into windows and a bubble pops up saying something about successfully installed drivers for the HDD, whatever it says but then when I go into my computer it's not there, I check manage disks not there, restart, nothing. I tried a different SATA cable, different ports, nothing. I can feel the disks spinning..

    Any help? Thank you!
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    yeah go to
    the start at 29:30 and watch from there
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  11. got it?
    and glade to help! :D
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