Read everything on internet, solved nothing, help please?

Im getting mainly two problems:

Problem 1: Can't boot up my PC without clearing the CMOS. After booting it once, it continues booting up nicely, it just happens after a long period of time turned off.

Issue 2: I get random shut downs, at some point it always happened when starting a game, but now its not that predictable.

More Description on 1:
It wont power up at first sometimes (no reaction from pressing the button) so i turn off the PSU from the switch on the back, then back on again, then press the power button, but it wont post, and i cant shut it down with the power button. I have to turn it off from the switch on the back of the PSU, clear the CMOS, then turn it back on. It will idle without posting for about 30 secs, then ill hear the pc speaker with an ALL OK single beep.

PSU: Corsair CMPSU-650TX 650-Watt TX Series
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)
MOBO: Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 840 Edition Deneb 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor

Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. Hmm is your cmos battery loose? Perhaps it moves just far enough off the contact that it can't keep it's charge so when you have "a long period of time off" you don't have any power to your cmos. By turning your power off and clearing the cmos you are just putting the battery back in and it can post again or by clearing the cmos do you mean with jumpers?
  2. Try updating your bios

    check your battery like crewton says

    run memtest

    could also be a problem with the mobo because that makes no sense... though i think what you should do is replace the cmos battery so that you can rule out that,.

    OH also make sure your computer is hooked up correctly

    Hope this helps! :D
  3. Could it not be a power supply problem?
  4. yeah its possible, just that it is more likely that its the cmos having problems then the gpu but if you have another gpu or another set of ram then try those because i think it also leans toward ram having trouble... if the ram is dead or malfuctioning you will not be able to boot so be sure to run memtest
  5. Memtest gave out zero errors on the first pass.
    Prime95 and Furmark sometimes withstands a long time both at the same time.
    I changed the CMOS battery with a working pc and the other pc works and i have the same issue on this one.
    I reset the CMOS with a jumper and since before i had to open it up everytime i wanted to work, i hooked the CLEAR CMOS to the reset button on the case.

    I also tried with another PSU and it still didnt start up.

    Im so confused, i hadnt got a problem this confusing before.
  6. OK i think its either the cpu or the mobo... do you have antoher cpu to test?

    also if you have another gpu also just pop that in just to make sure its not that even though i highle doudt its the gpu

    one last question are you saying that it does post? i mean boot up to point where you have the option or when you push the start button there is no display, and are all the fans running?

    also how did you hook the clear cmos to the reset?
  7. I have no other CPU to test it with unfortunately, i'll try booting with the integrated GPU to test it and see if that lets it boot.

    The clear cmos switch is two jumpers just like the ones to power the cpu or reset it.

    At first if I press the power button I get no response. I then turn off the PSU wait a bit then power the PSU. I then press the button and it turns on and it doesnt POST, no display no pc speaker, only fans running and the lights of the case. I then try to power it off from the case button and it doesnt turn off even after pressing it for 20 seconds. I then turn it off from the PSU, press my reset button to clear the CMOS, then turn on the PSU and then press the power button and it doesnt post inmediately, after like 30 sec to 1 min the fans start going faster and it POSTs. Then when I turn it off then turn it on after 1 min or a short time the computer POSTs inmediately several times.

    Sorry for the wall of text, its just the procedure I do every single morning since Im a programmer who works from home =\

    Thanks for the help
  8. I think you have a malfunctioning motherboard because that sounds a lot like it... try getting the mobo rma'd and if you can also the cpu just to be sure

    how did it go with onboard graphics?
  9. Could it be the mobo or the cpu? I mean after booting up it runs fine, except the random shutdowns, but before the random shutdowns i could work perfectly for hours without any problems, and still having the booting up issues.
  10. yeah thats what im saying... sounds like either the cpu or mobo, im actually right now leaning toward the cpu more than teh mobo
  11. i dont seem to have the random shutdowns with the onboard graphics, but then again, before when i was volt metering the 12V rail it lasted for next to two hours while i played Darksiders 2 (the game that usually makes it shut off)

    i dont think i can RMA neither of them, my only choice is to replace a component, so thats kinda my need to figure out which one :)
  12. yeah... if you have no restarts with onboard then replace the gpu
  13. couldnt it be the motherboard instead?
  14. It could very well be the PSU too.
  15. Ive tested the PSU with a voltimeter and got pretty much the expected voltages, so I took out the PSU from the list of possible causes.

    Whats weird is that why isnt my computer shutting down during an hour of FurMark, but randomly shutting down when i only have chrome open? (I've also had Prime95 for an hour without restarts)
  16. .... have you tried reinstalling chrome? :/

    also im not sure why it would only restart with chrome... i think i kinda had the same thing once try updating or downdating your adobe flash
  17. I meant when i only have chrome open not only when i have chrome open. Stressed or unstressed i get the shutdowns, which i think indicates its maybe on the mobo, cause in extreme stress the GPU still holds up...
  18. yeah i think it may be the mobo too
  19. Im gonna bench test it today after work as a "wtf duuuude woooork! Dagnammit" last resort move =/
  20. yeah... im not sure, strange that it only does it when chrome is open... you ever tried firefox?
  21. Dude thats still not what I meant.

    Status update: I have no ram and still no beep or post and ive switched the psu with a generic 500w one and theres no sign of a normal boot. Im gonna try and see the gray wire voltage rise now.
  22. you gotta have ram installed to boot... also what do you mean? im confused
  23. I meant "using chrome" as a substitute of "my computer is on low load" as opposed to playing games which is "high load".

    If you have no RAM you should hear beeps from the pc speaker which i only get after a looong time of having the computer turned on. So yeah, i have no beeps while theres no ram, until all of a sudden the cpu fan gets some energy and starts spinning with more speed and it starts beeping.
  24. ok yeah i would have to say is the mobo i think its a high chance... do you still have coverage on it?
  25. yes and no, i have 3 years warranty on it and its 1 year and a half, so yeah
    I live in Costa Rica so I can't really RMA it, so no, so sucks to be me i guess XD
  26. :/ yep... sorry to hear it, well that really makes it a lot more pressure :P one question does it only crash when you have low use?
  27. Nope, Its completely random :S during high use and low use
  28. have you tried running disk check?(sorry if you already did i forget some of the thread)

    how to
    start menu
    right click your drive(mine is C:)
    tools tab

    hope this helps
  29. Actually I haven't no, but I'm guessing it's irrelevant since the error happens even with no HDDs connected.
  30. ah ok... i seriously think its either the cpu or mobo... ugh this is a hard one... are there any pins that are bent on the cpu?
  31. I havent taken the cpu out since i havent got any thermal paste, but the cpu has worked fine and i havent moved it since, so im guessing no, there are no bent pins =/
  32. that does not matter, just wondering about bent pins because then its a definete yes! but with out that does not rule it out...

    hey have you run burnintest yet? if not run it

    also run y-cruncher(its a stresstest and tells you if there is an error so run that for about 20-30 mins)

    also while running that monitor the cpu temp using coretemp

    this will help rule out the cpu so try all of it
  33. ive done prime95 for stress testing, and ive monitored the temps, and they seem unrelated to the shutdowns... and stress testing doesnt help with the booting problem, so yeah, i've no idea what it is, im thinking its the mobo, its the only thing...
  34. no no no no no

    run the y-cruncher... also monitor temps but thats not what i was looking for if you have an issue with the cpu and a error occurs during the stresstest it will come up as red so run y-cruncher and definetely run burnintest it tests everything
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